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Our services are geared toward all types of property owners: residential, commercial, industrial and civil. We provide full-service site work, including dirt work and underground utilities, as well as concrete installation and repair.

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  • Site Preparation
    Site Preparation

    Site work is a general term that refers to all the land preparation that must be accomplished before the actual building is constructed. Before the first layer of concrete is poured for the foundation, the site needs to be cleared, leveled and graded. Underground utilities must be laid, the construction entrance needs to be built and stabilized, and any deep stumps or roots should be removed before they cause future interference.

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  • Dirt Work
    Dirt Work

    Dirt work is the first step in building any new construction. It is literally laying the foundation for the foundation! The ground must be prepared appropriately in order to avoid shifting ground (which can crack the concrete foundation), rainwater drainage problems, and tree roots that get in the way of underground utilities. Here is just …

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  • Underground Utilities
    Underground Utilities

    Tex Con Construction has the equipment and knowledge to assist at any stage of construction, from start to clean-up.

    One of the first steps that must be taken when preparing a new building site is laying the underground utilities. These include sanitary sewers, storm drainage, fire lines, potable water pipes, gas lines, electric wires, fiber optic cables and lift stations or pumping stations.

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  • Industrial Concrete
    Industrial Concrete

    Industrial buildings tend to look simple on the outside, but inside is a complex structure that is completely unique, made to suit a very specific purpose. Factories, for example, are designed to be efficient, and believe it or not, that efficiency starts with the quality of the concrete foundation, floor and sub-levels.   Installing industrial …

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  • Structural Concrete
    Structural Concrete

    Structural concrete is long-lasting and durable thanks to a network of rebar embedded in the concrete. Together, these two materials have high tensile strength and are more versatile as a team than they are alone.   Tex Con Construction harnesses the power of concrete and rebar to build sturdy high-rises and structures such as bridges, …

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  • Turn Key Concrete
    Turn Key Concrete

    Let Tex Con Construction be your go-to resource for all concrete services. We provide full turnkey service for your structural concrete needs. From selecting the best concrete mixture to the scientific process of concrete finishing, we understand concrete.

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