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11Jan, 2018

Why Turn-Key Construction Is the Best Option for Busy People

We live in an era where it’s easier than ever to get things done. We can communicate at lightning speed, travel great distances in a matter of hours, and have even the most obscure questions answered in the blink of an eye. We can even do our grocery shopping online and have it delivered to our door!


In short, we’re used to convenience. Convenience makes us feel good: we get to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time doing whatever makes us happy.


So when it comes to a large project like commercial construction, convenience is welcomed with open arms. But is it really possible for your company to open a new warehouse, store, restaurant or facility in an easy and convenient way? Yes!


Tex Con offers turn-key construction services, and today we want to tell you exactly what this means and why it is truly the best option, saving you time, energy and a headache or two.


What Is Turn-Key Construction?

When you hire a turn-key construction company like Tex Con, you are hiring a talented team of people who can handle the construction process from start to finish.


What does that entail, exactly?



Gathering all the permits.

Any good construction contractor will help you handle the red tape, and turn-key providers are no exception. Before building can begin, certain permits must be obtained from the city in order to avoid fines and sanctions that can bring the project to a sudden halt.



Demolition or deconstruction.

When there is an existing building on the site, the first thing that must happen is demolition or deconstruction. Deconstruction is a precise process that allows many of the features from the interior and exterior to be removed intact and reused or resold. Demolition or razing involves knocking down the building, removing all the rubble and essentially creating a blank slate for the new construction. Despite what the name implies, demolition is actually quite “green” and sustainable, especially when working with an environmentally-conscious company like Tex Con, because much of the material can be recycled.



Dirt work.    


The topsoil must be removed to create a stable building area, and in many constructions, a basement area must be dug. The land around the building site also needs to be graded. Land grading ensures that water flows away from the building, reducing problems with moisture and flooding.



Site work and underground utility installation.

Trenches must be dug for water pipes, sanitary sewer lines, electrical wires, gas lines and other underground utilities, and then these must be installed with great care for longevity and safety. Other site work involves anything the must be done before the actual construction can begin, such as creating a construction entrance for heavy machinery, removing trees that are in the way, etc.


Pouring concrete foundations.

Concrete is useful for an extraordinary variety of circumstances, but it can be a little fickle. To avoid major cracking and flaking, the concrete must not only have the correct water ratio, but also must be carefully cured. This requires keeping it moist for a period of time so that the water inside the concrete is not quickly wicked out. In any case, a high-quality concrete foundation affects the longevity of the rest of the building.


Constructing the building.

At this stage, the frame of the building is erected and the walls take shape. Each floor of the building is completed, windows and doors are installed, the roof is completed, electricity, water and other utilities are run through the entire building, etc. Insulation and HVAC ducts are also installed at this point.


Interior work.

If any special interior design features are desired, this is the time to add them. For example, the turn-key construction team can install toilets, sinks, stalls, etc. for bathrooms, install lights, lay down special flooring, paint the walls and perform other tasks that turn a construction from a mere shell into a fully functional building, ready for your business to move in.


Cleaning up the site after construction is complete.

Inevitably, there will be some additional work needed around the site even after the building itself is complete. Hauling away debris and trash seems to mark the end of the construction process, but a turn-key team can also install a parking lot and do some simple landscaping around the building.


When you opt for a turn-key service, you should be able to sit back and let the team take care of everything until you finally get the key to the building. When you “turn the key” in the lock for the first time, you should be greeted with a building that is ready for you to move into immediately. All details should be taken care of. For best results, the project manager will be sure to outline all of your expectations before the crew breaks ground.


Now that you know what is involved in turn-key construction, let’s talk about a few of the finer points that make this the best choice for large construction projects.


Benefits of Turn-Key Construction

One of the major benefits of hiring a turn-key construction team is that you are freed from the burden of having to juggle many tasks at once. There is just one point of contact throughout the entire process.


You do not need to worry about hiring one team of contractors for the dirt work or site work, a separate team to install the underground utilities, a third team that specializes in concrete installation for the foundation, yet another team to complete the building, and a final team to put the finishing touches on the site and the interior.


Are you dizzy yet just thinking about having to vet, hire, schedule and oversee so many different contractors at each stage of the construction process?


Second, because you don’t need to hire multiple contractors, you also don’t have to make multiple payments. Accounting and finance becomes much more straightforward with a turn-key construction company. Who to pay for what work and when to pay them become worries of the past. There is typically just one payment to make when the same company handles the entire construction project from start to finish, and because of this, it’s also easier to negotiate payment options, like Net 30 or installments. If the single payment is required only upon completion of the project, companies also have a bit more time to secure funding and/or investors.


Finally, having a turn-key provider ends up being far more efficient in the long run. You only have to brief your point of contact at the initial stage of the project, checking in regularly for status updates as the project gets underway. When you hire multiple contractors, there is a process that must be repeated each time: finding the right contractor, first and foremost, and then briefing them on what needs to be done and hoping they can stick to the timeline as you begin the process of hiring a new contractor for the next stage.


A turn-key construction company can take your initial briefing and requirements and smoothly move from one stage to the next without your intervention. That gives you more time to devote to other business concerns.


Have you been stalling on a construction project because it all seems a little too overwhelming to organize? Let Texcon help. Our turn-key service gives you peace of mind and makes the process as simple as possible. We take the time in the initial stages to completely understand your goals and expectations, and although we keep you regularly informed, you’ll never feel like you’re drowning in to-do items related to this project.


Open your newest franchise, warehouse or facility this year! Call us today to get started.